Code of Conduct

  1. All members must abide by the code of conduct set by the WPAA in order to be a member.
  2. All WPAA members must hold a certified wedding planner certificate or are currently enrolled in a wedding and event planning course.

  3. All WPAA members must understand that we have the right to cancel any membership, if you are found in breech of the code of conduct.
  4. All WPAA members must be truthful and transparent in all business dealings with suppliers and prospective clients.
  5. All WPAA members are encouraged to give their clients an evaluation form for feedback.
  6. All WPAA members must provide truthful and accurate information with respect to advertising.
  7. All WPAA members must uphold each other's businesses and must not defame any other Wedding Planner business. If this is the case, their membership will be terminated.
If you believe a member is not abiding by the above code of conduct, please contact us.
For all membership enquiries, please email General Enquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Annual membership fee is $400